Dear white people;my open letter to middle America 

You  know what I’m sick of? Being reminded how hard it is to be black on a daily basis! This morning in physics during my free time I discussed the situation in Ferguson with my white 17 year old peers.

I mentioned that I don’t particularly agree with rioting or looting but that it makes sense. They looked at me as if I was a proponent of white Genocide. The usual “why can’t you be more like MLK?” Cliche occurred and I tried to explain MLK was FAR more militant in his final years than America lets on

He was a young Christian black man in the purest most humbling sense of the word. Never made a dime off of his activism. Worked with presidents and officials who used him and distanced themselves from him as he grew more militant. He was a socialist in a sense the conservatives at “Fox news” don’t know the meaning of.

He disagreed with American foreign policy; wanted rights for the unemployed and the employed and was a true socialist but a reasonable one with valid reasons for his distaste of the establishment
Many are familiar with the famous I have a dream speech for the lines about tolerance, moral decency and character. That helped King win over the white moderate, the same white moderate he described as the most inadvertently dangerous group in the Nation.

When those with influence sit on the fence. It is best to attempt to knock yj off or hope for the worst.

I am sick of my white cohorts using the finest man this country has ever produced, to tell me I need to get over it.  


That FB post begins with some less famous words from the march on Washington “But one hundred years later we must face the fact that the Negro is still not free; America has given the Negro an insufficient check which has been returned with blank funds” 

A multitude of “blank checks” have been given to the opressed throughout history. All returned to sender with so much ventured and little gained.
The most recent blank check is the myth that millennial are more tolerant and accepting than previous generations. Their “blank check” is a superficial understanding of the African American experience and a willful ignorance to help when convenient for them. Using is for our skills; appropriating our culture. Whitewashing our leaders. Killing our youth fetishizing out women. Mocking our physical features and vernacular 

That is the blank check of my generation and many before it an Emory promise 

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